Burathor grew up with his family in durotar where he always had an interest in fighting, he would beat up his brother and the other young orcs in the village. His parents were merchants and not very strong always having to rely on the strength of others which lead to their stores being raided a few times. Into his teenage years Burathor began to hate his parents due to their weakness and his sibling as well. During one raid on his parents store he happened to be there and stepped in fighting with the Gnoll raider and eventually killing him by crushing every rib in his chest. 

This bought him the lastname Ribcrusher which he wears with extreme pride, but life in durotar was boring and it lead the young orc to want more. So he began to travel, short distances to surrounding villages at first until oneday he left for good with little more then a note for his family. Burathor ended up in the southern Barrens where he found herself against another orc who was an shaman. Marveled by his strength the young orc set out to prove to him that he should pass his knowledge onto him. Eventually due to persistence on his part the orc began to teach Burathor all about the way of the Shaman.

Burathor grasped Shamanism fairly quickly and learned how to apply the elements to his physical combat with his master over the span of a year or two and when he felt he had learned enough he left and began to work as a hired mercenary for different factions around Azeroth. Which found him taking up contracts taking him places like Shadowmoon Valley, Grizzly Hills and The Twilight Highlands. Burathor began to get a name for herself as the Iron Fisted Shaman who would wield the elements with his fists, this caught the attention of the new warchief Garrosh who had his loyalists "convince" him to work for the Horde in their conquering of Pandaria. Though loyal to Garrosh for the most part, Burathor found himself joining the rebellion and wondering how he would fit himself into this new horde.



Burathor is a fighter down to her personality, he is determined, precise and an excellent battle strategist. He has a thirst for battle from a duel to a bloody battle to the death and by nature is brutal, uncompromising and is unfond of non-horde races though he will tolerate them. Burathor is a loyalist to the horde and usually not one to question her orders but more and more lately he has found himself more conflicted due to the treatment of the other races of the horde especially the Trolls and The Elves even though she has little love for them.

{titre2:centre}Likes and Dislikes{/titre2}

Burathor enjoys fighting and getting bloody and bruised, he is loyal to the horde and enjoys spending his free time sparring with other warriors of the Horde testing his strength; Burathor also appreciates good ale and an argument. He is proud of her battle scars and will show them off to anyone silly enough to ask about them.

Burathor hates cowards, during his travels she has begun to dislike the Undead because generally they are more likely to show cowardice then the other races, he hates arcane and demonic magic and sees it as a cowards way of fighting and Dislikes being healed for the same reason, he would rather heal naturally.